Chauhan Creators Pvt Ltd

Chauhan Creators Pvt. Limited


Construction Management- constriction management is a professional service that applies effectives management technique to the planning , design and construction of a project from inception to completions for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality.

One of our focuses as a company is to empower the previously disadvantaged individuals by giving them an opportunity to acquire experience and develop their skills through our business so they can ultimately reach their fullest potential. We do believe in equal opportunities, hence, we give opportunities to both male and female so as to not only build them, but share different skills and expertise to further grow the business.

Our vision is to strive and continue being one of the best construction company and service providers in India.


  • To provide an excellent service to our clients, by giving them their principal position in the business and by treating them with integrity and honesty they deserve.
  • To deliver quality service on time and at the convenience of our clients.
  • To always use quality material to give our customers value for their money.
  • To train young professionals who wish to operate in the same industry.


  • Brick work – face brick, stock brick, block brick and maxi bricks
  • Drainage – sewers, manholes etc
  • Plumbing – bathrooms, toilets, gutters, geysers, irrigation
  • Plastering – Rhinolite, Plaster sand
  • Roofing – Trusses, Tiles, IBR, Corrugated, etc
  • Painting – Oil & water based, inc spray application
  • Ceiling – Suspended and conventional
  • Foundations – Trenching, roofing and slabs
  • Electrical – COC, Maintenance, New installations
  • Glazing – All types
  • Carpentry – All types of wooden work eg Doors, Door frames and window frames.
  • Tiling -Wooden flooring, Ceramic and Vinyl
  • Wall Coating – Gamazene, Wall paper
  • Earth works
  • Steel Fixing
  • Renovations
  • Concrete work
  • Formwork · Civil works – roads, bridges, etc.